The Social Skills Playbook

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The Social Skills Playbook

Social Skills University
128 ratings

Social fluency is learned.

If you’ve ever met a salesperson who you know was just killing it commission-wise, you’ll probably know the feeling I refer to below.

They’ve got a certain smoothness about them that puts people at ease, and it feels like they can charm their way into anyone’s good graces in record time.

This is some next-level charisma and social fluency because even though you’re aware they’re a salesperson and have a singular goal in mind, they don’t appear like they’re selling anything at all… until you return home with a shopping bag full of Gorilla Glue.

They just seem to have that it factor that draws people to them and allows them to adapt to any kind of conversation signal from others.

Above all else, all of their behaviors and habits seem to flow so naturally …

Stop right there.

Yes, it’s amazingly tempting to believe that such people are just born with the gift of gab and that you can never attain those heights for yourself.

This is remarkable and completely wrong, and as I’ll discuss later, an all-too-common excuse we tell ourselves. If you were to interview any of the people that you would label as possessing social fluency,

I’m positive that they would all tell you that it’s something they’ve worked on consciously.

Maybe it’s always been a strength of theirs, but that doesn’t mean that salesman just woke up with the ability to sell ice to an Eskimo.

There’s a reason that the salesman probably wasn’t young and green – more experience and practice, and practice makes perfect.

This is wonderful news for you because this is the exact reason you want this book… in the hopes that such skills were learnable, right?

To gain actionable items and steps to improve your social fluency?

Good, because social success is learned behavior.

This is your chance to do exactly that.

I want this!

The Social Skills Playbook (Ebook + Audiobook)


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